Play the amazing snake game for free

In the breakthrough of mobile phones in the late 90s. We were introduced to the new gadget which allowed us to send text messages and make some calls to friends who has their own mobile phones. Furthermore, the mobile phones also featured games which we can enjoy and one of those timeless games was the snake, popularized by Nokia. This classic game has glued us to our mobile devices, and we were like snake game addicts for quite a long time. The game has attracted some attention and has helped the Nokia Company in selling their mobile phones during that era.

Originally, the game was founded during the 1970s on an arcade platform. The game’s inspiration came from the anime itself, although this creature is terrifying, the game was able to convey a different character of the creature which made the game also popular among young individuals. Since the game’s development, there are a lot of individuals who have enjoyed the game and have also bought other mobile phone models of Nokia because of the game. Because of its popularity, the game has been modified and upgraded to be compatible in other platforms and there are also developers who have made a version of the game which can be played online.

How to Play the Game

The game is easy to play with. All you have to do is to control the snake, by using the cursor of the keyboard; you can guide through the screen and eat some targets. The snake grows as you eat the food that is randomly placed in the screen of the game. As the snake eats, it will grow a little longer until it can fill the screen with its body. The increase in the length of the player also increases the difficulty of the game for the player will need to use the entire screen in order to move around.

Moreover, the player must avoid hitting the head into his own body, if this happens, then the game is over, so the player must be careful enough in maneuvering the in the screen so as to avoid the snake hitting his own body. Another thing, since the food is randomly placed within the screen. It is essential that the player will be able to quickly react to where the food is placed and carefully lead the player to the food before time expires.

Although the version of the game has been upgraded to be compatible to any platforms, the concept of the game has remained the same. The classic game that we loved and enjoyed playing back in the day has already invaded the newest line of handheld devices and has regained its popularity like what it had before. It is really fun to experience once again the excitement and joy that we felt while we were playing the game before and now, it has even evolved into something that we were not expecting. All we have to do now is to play the game and enjoy it.