Total War: Arena Pre-Review
Strategy and MOBA meet Total War: Arena on February 22nd. So what’s going to happen to you?

The Total War series is a long story. One of the games that comes to my mind when it is calledstrategy game is the Total War series. Who does not like a game of epic warfare that we command the mighty armies? So what if you were to tell us that you can now play Total War online and play for free? Total War Arena brings together all the players we know and know the strategy withMOBA , free to every player. The game, which includes team-based and real-time tactics, also includes the civilizations and heroes who have been involved in history.

Total War: Arena preview

The Total War: Arena, a game of strategy and MOBA , which was born out of the partnership of theWargaming Alliance , SEGA and Creative Assembly , will also be the first game the Wargaming Alliance will release. Each player has his own three battalions and a hero, and two teams of 10 players fight each other. Arena, which emerged from the solid foundations of Total War, transformed this base into a team-based game, just like a MOBA game. As already mentioned, the Total War: Arena’s open beta test will continue until February 12th. If you are wondering about the game, I suggest you join this bet. It will be officially released on February 22 after a 10-day checkout period after the beta.

The maps and units in the game are successfully adorned. The biggest difference between theArena and other Total War games is that you are “completely” in command of the armies you have.While in other Total War games you can automatically attack when you click on your opponent’s units, the player must give these commands in Arena. In short, as long as you do not “attack” your units, they will still be waiting. This new interface and commands is definitely a big plus as it allows the player to dominate the game. In addition, the fact that each player has three units makes the team play the forefront. Total War: Arenayou need to work with your team and play with a better strategy than your opponent.

The graphically successful Total War: Arena has kept the minimum system requirements for players with low navy as low as one would expect from a free game. So you can play the game with ease on most computers.

Total War: The Arena now has three nations, 11 commanders, 156 units and 10 battle maps. In the official opening on February 22, 30 new unions, 21 new union abilities, 21 new consumable contents, two new commanders and one large union type will be added to the game. This, of course, will continue to grow. As a result, Total War games have always been rich in content. The game, which will be officially released on February 22nd, comes as the fourth nation, the Cartagena . Thelegendary commanders of the Cartoons Hannibal Barca and Hasdrubal Barca will be the new commanders to be added to the game.

As a result, Tortal War: Arena brought strategy and MOBA together, bringing a great sounding game. The fact that playing the game is free and the content is so rich is a big plus. It is a game that both the players who loves the Total War series and those who like the MOBA player should certainly try.


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