Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds name is now dubbed the conceit of all the players in the video game world. A new record coming in everyday and the game reaching such massive masses continues to be watched with surprise by all segments. However, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds name can be said to be a long story behind the game, even if it flourishes quickly and gains a great reputation in a short time. So , why did DayZ ‘s evolving successful production, which was first seen as an Arma mode , was so much loved? Unlike the developer has spent many years in the video game world, listed as a new developer and Battle RoyaleBrendan Greene, a gifted player in the game, even the other Player Unknown, could not possibly imagine that this project would be so successful.

We reviewed the details of the playerunknown’s Battlegrounds.

It was said that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds , which entered the early access process onMarch 2017 , would first be unable to leave early access and disappear in the Steam graveyard. At that time, the biggest competitor, H1Z1 , only grown up in a month, so the growth of content producers (YouTube and Twitch) support. However, unlike other developer teams, the BlueHole studio is constantly interested in the game, probably  PlayerUnknown’s Battlegroundshas played an important role in keeping it so. Congratulations to developers who have brought a new update to the game almost every week until December. In the early days, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which have not gone through the optimization struggle, have been upgraded to full version over time.

With the 1.0 update, the developer team that added new maps, new tools and new animations to the game made the game ready for the game. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds , with more than30 million active players and 3 million active players , is now the leader of the Battle Royale team.On the other hand, PlayerUnknown ‘s Battlegrounds, which compete with Fortnite, will probably not be defeated for a long time. The game, which is already on Xbox One platform in the console wing , is now dominating the market. With the fast-consuming structure, we can assume that the exciting minutes offered by the player are indispensable.


Beginning on an ordinary cargo plane and dropping 100 players to the wide map , your ultimate goal is to survive by remaining 99 people in front of the rest. In the first phase of the game, which can be played in four or two-person squads, all you have to do is get the goods you need to work.You can try every way to eliminate your opponents in the game where you can carry weapons, attachments for weapons, armor, energy drinks, painkillers, ammo, bags and much more. Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds , whether silently or not, Ramboyou can drop enemies by dropping bullets. At certain intervals you must stay in the circle that is closing at a point on the map.Otherwise you have to die even if you do not get into conflict with your opponents. So you will be in good spirits if you do not have a lot of greed in your opinion.

It should also be pointed out that boxes of items with special equipment fall into certain points of the map at random . It is impossible to find any equipment contained in these boxes in the normal areas of the game. So I can say that these boxes are very valuable and that all the players take care after I land on the playground. So if you want to get a box you can be both a clear target and a target for all players. Again , you should keep the bombing of the random play area constantly during the game. Depending on the player’s intensity, a region of the map is painted red duringcertain minutesand if you stay in the red zone, your head is bombing. In order to protect from bombs, you have to shelter in the surrounding houses.



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