Gran Turismo Sport Review
That engine’s creep, that steering wheel … You can not understand …

I think that there is no object in the world except automobiles, but another object that gives so much happiness to its owner. Especially for boys, children are almost like children, although fuel consumption, inspection or MTV for us with a great deal of crumbs has turned into a gaza press, as if I say you love the heart is refreshing. Of course, being a car owner is not a very easy task for a few reasons I just mentioned. Whether you are a car owner, those who want to cry to the pavement, if you can not find a runway in the video game is taking.

Need For Speed ​​is one of the first productions that comes to mind when the car race is called in our country, but the situation in the world is different. The Gran Turismo series, perhaps one of the most played productions of the world of video games, is really awaited by automobile enthusiasts. In the Gran Turismo Sport, where the number of days is short, and the elimination is done in an early stage, it will become a drug for the need for a nice simulation that PS4 owners have been starving for many years. It was very, very long time before the game developed by Polyphony Digital came to PS4 system as it was from previous games. Although Polyphony’s perfection is shown as the reason for this, we have no more patience. When Gran Turismo Sport was first announced, we were all thrilled, some of our laced Gran Turismo ‘ It was also attached to the Sport supplement, which is located next to it. Will Gran Turismo 5 be a transition game like Prologue mu? Will we meet content as competent? Will Polyphony get out of business? As we struggled with the questions, the conflicting statements from the producers frightened us well. In the first part of the review we have very limited content because the game servers are closed in the first part of the review, I will only try to talk about the graphics, the game and the feelings of the game.


Gran Turismo is what makes Gran Turismo look like graphics at first glance, but in fact Gran Turismo has a play structure that can hold on top of all kinds of players. For example, Project Cars, one of its competitors for the cool shan, can only enjoy the player if it is played with a steering wheel and with precise attention. In Gran Turismo Sport, you do not need to give hundreds of pounds and get a steering wheel to enjoy the game, to be successful, to become an ambitious racer. Gran Turismo Sport can be easily played with the PS4’s standard gamepad. But when you say this, “is not the game realistic?” A question such as might have occurred in your mind. The answer to this question is no, the game is realistic. But there is a fine line here too. It is not true that I answer whether it is realistic or not. I have never made a speed of 200 km in my life. I have never used Porcshe 911 in my life. So I’m going to try to do what I do not live and experience a similar experience while driving a real vehicle rather than the realistic feeling of playing the realism of the game. For many years I have to underline that my race experience with Go-Kart experience is really successful.

As you may know, the Gran Turismo series is not a game in which you can get in full bends in the bends and overcome 5 people in the rush to the walls. To give an example from FPS games, if NFS series is Call of Duty, I can call Gran Turismo comfortably ARMA. Before you buy the game, you have to decide very well what you expect. If you are in search of action, definitely stay away from Gran Turismo Sport, this game will not give you action, never promised to give. That’s why Gran Turismo Sport is a realistic racing experience focused on the players who are waiting for the real race experience. When you buy the game, and you enter the first race, even in the first bend, you will feel the battle for the wheels to cling to the road, the struggle to stick the engine like your monster in your seat to your seat. That engine shout,

Anyway, let’s go on without letting go. Gran Turismo Sport’s game features are most noticeable, offering a game that is accessible for all players up to now. Even if you have never played a simulation game before, Gran Turismo Sport will turn you into a real racer with a very detailed and fun tutorial mode in it. In addition, the game can be played easily with gamepad, the construction has helped to reach a wider mass. So I have to distinguish between the expectations I mentioned in the previous paragraph and the question of whether I can play in pain. Can I play the game? Can I make it? As the answer to the questions yes, you can definitely get used to the Gran Turismo Sport, specialize in your time and enjoy it even if it is not your steering wheel.


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