Far Cry 5 Review

Far Cry 5

What kind of innovations does the game offer us?

Having entrusted the Far Cry series to Crytek ‘s own developers in a timely manner , Ubisoft has made the game’s reputation as big as Assassin’s Creed , the biggest brand they have in their hands now . Ubisoft , who developed his own second game , put a lot of new mechanics on the first game but could not satisfy every player in terms of game, game and story. Particularly during the outbreak period, the distributor company and indirectly the developer team could not be happy because the game was only working properly on the console and due to the porting problems that occurred on the PC.

But Ubisoft, who does not leave his job, did not give up on the mark and they were confronted by a new game with the lessons they learned from the mistakes of the second game. Presenting a successful atmosphere in terms of storytelling, the presentation of Far Cry 3 is probably one of the most successful story presentations in the video game world so far. At the end of the day, althoughFar Cry 3 had a successful and impressive atmosphere, it could not become a cult production.Same as each other, the subordinate duties and the mechanics of the mechanics constantly push the player to do the same thing, after a while the game mechanics were out.

With the Far Cry 5 preliminary review, we keep a focus on the first details of the game

In the fourth game, which was later developed, the traces of the third game could be seen mostly.The personality of Vaas , the third face of the game as the behavior and mood of the evil character , personally became the first element to cool me from the first game. But I guess Ubisoft did notexpect more. If in any Ubisoft game a phenomenon or mechanical player likes it, we see in almost every game that developers use the main stream or mechanics of water as often as they do. I do not need to mention Primal if I write the same words again, though I will link the situation to Far Cry Primal from this point on . B.C 10,000 years Apart from simple interactions with animals, the game does not remind me of many new things.

But now the Far Cry series is getting the sixth game and I am still hopeful of the new game.

As far as the story of the new game is concerned, I think the most striking aspect of Far Cry 5 is this side. As in other Ubisoft games, we are again leading a resistance organization. But things are a bit different this time. This time we are not angry with the state’s elders, nor with the drug barons, nor with a group that steers the world in secret. This time we will go to Far Cry 5 to destroy a religious sect. On the basis of the main scenario of the game, Joseph Seed, who illegally controlled Montana’s rugged lands, established Him with his brothers and sisters, and will fight against. A bad character portraying the religious feelings of people under the name of Hope will probably attract all the players.

Some features of our main character are said to be selectable for the first time. I am saying some features because it is said that the game only allows you to choose the race , sex and skin color of our main character . However, since I have not seen the game character creation screen, I must state that this information is a rumor. However, if we face such a situation in his opinion, we can say that Ubisoft is influenced by political righteousness, which has become mainstream on the internet.

When we go to the playground,  Far Cry 5 is said to be the Far Cry  game with the most full open world we have ever encountered  . The producers who allowed you to finish the main story from start to finish co – op, so that they could synthesize the cool, action – filled gameplay with tactical elements. So do not be surprised if you see some breathing in  Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands . The developer team says we have separate jobs to do on each corner of the map. We also need to keep in mind the events that we can challenge our friend we play together. That’s why Far Cry 5I assume that it is going to be good for replayability. The idea of ​​spending time with our friend we play together when we are squeezed from side missions like other games is not bad.

Besides all these, your friend who is in your game is said to be a special character. So you and your friend will not have to play with the same characters. Ubisoft , which enriches Far Cry 5 in the co – op sense , also states that we can edit the map with another technical mode that the game adds.Using the Map editor tool, we can create custom battlefields for ourselves. This feature was also available in other games. But adding this element to the fun of the co-op game coming with Far Cry 5 will make the game more fun.

Assassin’s Creed: Origins ‘ Ubisoft’s latest game, Random Open World events, is said to be Far Cry 5 ‘ te. However, it is not yet clear how they will face opposition. I am curious to know how to catch fish as another remarkable mechanic. I do not mention mechanics such as making goods or capturing patrols that we encountered in old games, because these mechanics are exactly the same in Far Cry 5 as they are individually.

Although the information we have about the Far Cry 5 is limited, the new game is a fact that makes the players who are bored with the latest games excited at least. Ubisoft will put Far Cry 5 on the market by putting something new on old mechanics instead of putting the same mechanics as the tempit pilaf this time. The rest of the details will be seen on March 27, 2018.



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