Aegis Defenders Review

At the time of the development of Indie games, the only thing that the producers want is that the games they get are somehow popular and known by the community. As days go by, independent games are constantly being actively removed and, of course, they have a certain mass. In general, standalone games are simple and attention-grabbing productions that attract attention because of their different gameplay styles and graphical designs. Undoubtedly Aegis Defenders is one of them.

At first, when I added a librarian to the game, I saw that it was not one of the names I was expecting. On the independent productions platform, the Iconoclasts and Celeste games have been from simple but important productions that continue to be of interest for several weeks now. I still had a chance to give Aegis Defenders a chance to look at it, and I am really pleased that I chose this option. Aegis Defenders, who has a design like the Iconoclasts and Celeste, and who goes on in a different story, has given more than I expected.

Sometimes it can be confusing in Aegis Defenders in the mystical times and when people create their own Gods. Clu and his grandfather, the main characters of our story, see themselves as treasure hunters, and make a living by selling their precious wives in old temples to the mosque. In a town they visit, they encounter a robot that is old (do not look at the old one, it is actually much more advanced than the technology we currently have). This robot, named Kobo, is planning to follow the producer of Aegis, of course the team accepts it. I’m going to talk about why your name is “Aegis Defenders” anyway.

I got Aegis Defenders a week before the departure, I did not find any information about the genre exactly, so I wanted to see what kind of genre it was. As always, if I was an independent production, I was expecting an original idea, or a simple platform game. The game, which is a kind of alternative I expect, actually combines three separate game types: the Puzzle, the platform and the famous and still remarkable genre called Tower Defense. Do not look at writing puzzle and platform types separately, the production actually consists of two parts. In the puzzle-platform section, there is a situation that is puzzling with the combination of puzzles and platform objects that we need to solve during the episode. When it comes to the end of the chapter, the real thing begins.

Before I talked about the Tower Defense episodes, I’m talking about how Aegis Defenders plays. Our adventurous characters have some features. Clu is a nimble girl with a blue suit and blue weapon, and a grandfather is a more defensive character with yellow clothes, yellow tow and yellow turret.The war system in my production is actually very simple. If a blue enemy is fired with a blue weapon, it will be fully damaged, and the same is true for yellow. There are certain colors of enemies we encounter during the adventure: yellow, blue, red and purple. Yellow and blue parts are understood, but what can be done for other colors? Of course, if the game is continued, things will become easier or harder with the characters we meet during the story, depending on the perspective of the person who plays it completely. Personally, I was not forced,



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