Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey

New platform, new adventure.

If I say that the Nintendo Switch is the most conspicuous console of 2017, it would not be wrong.The console, which started out with the thought of “Whenever you want, wherever you want”, attracted great attention from the players from the day of output. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild , Nintendo Switch ‘s sales figures, though a game that plays a major role in the game as players were complaining because of the shortage in the platform. Breath of the Wild, in short , was not enough to be a successful game. The Super Mario Odyssey , which was announced with the Nintendo Switch , was the game that all the players with the platform expect. Some players even buy Super Mario Odyssey SwitchHe was waiting.

Super Mario Odyssey review

I can already say that Super Mario Odyssey is a production that can pass as a “perfect game”. I can also claim to be the most successful 3D Mario game. My favorite was Super Mario Galaxy 2 , which was able to beat behind. The game starts like a classic Mario game. Princess Peach iskidnapped by Bowser and taken away for forced marriage. Bowser , flying with the ship to different locations , collects different materials for the wedding. The world we visit at Super Mario Odysseyis also shaped by these materials. As an example, Bowser ‘Luncheon Kingdom has a theme consisting entirely of food. This adds a cute atmosphere to the game.

We are introduced to Mario ‘s accompanying cap, Cappy, and Bowser ‘ in Cap Kingdom . Bowser, who wants to give the princess the perfect crown, misses Cap Kingdom ‘s princess. We combine Cappy and our powers to pursue Bowser. Cap Kingdom takes quite a short time and is prepared to teach the game. We collect the Power Moon , which is the base stone of the game , and add it to our Odyssey named ship and make a transition to different worlds. Power Moon ‘s are a bit limiteduntil you finish the game . However, when the game is over, you can collect more than 800 Power Moon in different worlds. Super Mario OdysseyOne of the things that makes it successful is that it contains different game mechanics to capture more than 800 of these Power Moon’s.

Mario and Cappy’s friendship

The controls on this point are in effect. Mario and Cappy ‘s mechanics are successfully combined with Joy-Con . It is very important for us to get more than 800 Power Moon, which I mentioned, by removing these Joy-Cons that we can use depending on the Nintendo Switch from the console with the device. Because those exaggerated jumps and tactics you see in social media can often be done using hands. In addition to movement mechanics, we can capture and control other elements in the game with Cappy . In fact, it is a T-REX that sleeps in the first world to show how wonderful it isWe can even take over and distribute it. In sections with classic puzzles, we solve puzzles using the unexpected items with the help of Cappy. We’re talking about a game where we can even control a zermu here.

There is also a co-op for two people. One player controls Mario while the other player  controlsCappy . The first thing I had in mind when I first heard this feature was that the players could not afford it in this mode. However, Nintendo  has added a very successful and fun co-op mechanism.Especially with a friend on your side, it’s fun to solve different puzzles in your game. S uper Mario We can get clothes for Mario from the stores located in the world with the gold coins we collect inOdyssey and special worlds in different worlds . This adds a difference to the game. With different combinations of clothes and hats, you can customize Mario to your taste. IMario ‘for the first swimsuit I wear the head screenshot published by Marion nipples, all the games I played with mayo.

Super Mario Odyssey ‘s different art style is also useful to mention. Every world you go has a different atmosphere, a different theme, different elements and different contents. It ‘s not oursthat go to the Ruined Kingdom and the dark souls do not come. I was not really expectingNintendo to make such a game using Switch ‘s performance. The Super Mario Odyssey , which features an image of all the games that Nintendo has developed up to now, seems to have multiple references within it. For example, New Donk CityWhen we bring together four music group members, there is a festival in the city. If you take part in this festival, you can play Super Mario 64 in 2D in superb atmosphere , cross platforms and finally play Donkey Kong . At the end of this section, I remember that there was a smile on my face.

So Super Mario Odyssey ‘s Nintendo Switch wherein the performance how? Let’s say that the game is docked and has a fixed FPS in hand. In fact, the game Nintendo Switch so far has the most successful graphics that have been mentioned. The game has a resolution of 720p in the case of docked and 900p in the case of docked. Let’s underline that the game looks pretty even on 4K TV.It is a simple game that can also be played with successful controls.

Super Mario Odyssey, the best 3D platfrom game

As a result, Super Mario Odyssey is one of the most successful games I’ve played up to now.Definitely the best  3D Mario platform game. More importantly, Super Mario Odyssey , 3D Mariowas once again entering the gaming market and really needed it. The game, which makes the players happy as entertainment, is a must for the Nintendo Switch . If you own or want to buy aNintendo Switch, you definitely need to play Super Mario Odysseey .



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