Max: The Curse of Brotherhood Review

Previously encountered on different platforms Max: The Curse of the Brotherhood ‘to that last home console Nintendo switch was. We also got the chance to look at Max’s switch version of this adventure game. Let’s take a look at the game first, which is a kind of sequel to Max & The Magic Marker .

If you have a little brother from you, there are certain moments that you sometimes get angry at him too much. I think we can give you examples of this kind of situation, such as getting into cozy, starting to mix things up or opening a new record on your game record. Here is a brother who is disturbed by his brothers’ feelings. One day when he gets home, he sees his brother ripping his toys, and he makes a search on the search engine like a rescue from my brother. This is where a magic is triggered by a text he reads, and a monster from the opening portico takes Felix to a different field. Of course, Max, who regrets this incident in a moment, suddenly falls off without thinking. So here we go into a big adventure to control Max and save his brother from this moment on.

Yes, Max does not offer you an epic story, but it focuses more on gameplay than it does on other productions of the platform crew. We are trying to cope with both puzzles and platform items in the making, which is a crawled example we call 2.5 dimensions . The progress in the vote is evolving as we are used to overcoming preemptive obstacles. Of course, there are also points that we try to escape from the monsters that are in your way or from the lava, and we can not progress much faster.

The puzzle dynamics of the game are delivered in a huge stock . You can intervene in the game field thanks to a feature we have received in the first minute of the game. You can play with the shape of the ground to get to a point that you need to reach, or you can reach a point where you can not reach it with a stalactite. Later in the game features such as water ripples will be added to this pen use case.

The use of pen is only pleasant in certain areas. With Dilusen analog you can control the stylus with the switch’s touch pad . But I have to point out that it is very difficult to control the pen when using the touchpad. It is naturally difficult to intervene in both the progression and the touch area.

Max: One of my favorite aspects of The Curse of the Brotherhood was the graphic style of the game. The graphics of the game, where the backplane is being fed proficiently, may not be spectacular, but it does not grin at any point. I can say that it is exactly as it should be, more precisely in the quality of this kind of production.

As a result, if you have not played Max: The Curse of the Brotherhood before, you can give theNintendo Switch a chance. I have not had a chance to play previous versions, but I can say that the Nintendo Switch can be played on the mobile as well, making the game more playable. Already the greatest advantage of this console for the game in short is this. On the other hand, when we consider the style and structure of the game, I can say that even the youngest players will enjoy it.If you have a brother like Felix, or a child, you can give him the Nintendo Switch with peace of mind for this game.


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