FIFA 18 Review

A new year is a new FIFA

The FIFA series is a massive series of games, many of which have a lot of nostalgia for children, youthfulness, childhood, witnessing the development of the game world, lying in a big history. FIFA, which is always on top of the list of best selling games every year, has gained a serious popularity in the last five years especially by soccer lovers in our country. We can link it to FIFA’s possession of the Super League license as much as the biggest and even the only competitor PES is left behind. However, I attach the biggest share to the success of FIFA in the Ultimate Team.

While you’re reading this review I’m buried several days in FIFA 18’s. The points I will examine in detail throughout the review will be FIFA 18’s gameplay, atmosphere and innovations. Especially FIFA which faced with nice innovations on the atmosphere of the match was the game that approached the most to give the feeling of watching a real match that I had been expecting for many years. Let’s not overdo it and let’s first log in how it feels on the game side.


I have played FIFA series since FIFA 96 without missing any FIFA. Despite occasionally giving in to the PES series, FIFA has always been in favor of FIFA because of its heavier game structure and consequently its fast paced, tactical and thought-provoking gameplay. Especially with FIFA 13, this weight began to sit, FIFA’s famous physics engine Ignite, along with physically based soccer had made the ceiling. This situation, which is relatively lightened by FIFA 15, has been balanced with FIFA 16 and 17, and I think that FIFA 18 has exactly footed the foot exactly.

FIFA 18, which offers the best balance between speed and physical strength in real sense. Although fast soccer players can defend players by throwing away, you can run the defense while cleverly choosing the place and catch your opponent with your physical power, or you can leave the opponent out of the game. While this is more difficult in FIFA 17, the new defensive system (Manual Press and Top Grip), which was made even easier in FIFA 18, especially for the Ultimate Team, is relatively easy and convenient. This enforcement situation, which is the biggest challenge for FIFA players, is protected by FIFA 18, but it can be used and used more easily than before. For this reason players who are in favor of the hearty PES, at least try FIFA,

After making a few matches in FIFA 18, the biggest change that caught the attention was the midterm passes. Although the past games’ inter-rust mechanics have been gradually erased from my memory, I can remember that the ineffectiveness of FIFA 16 and FIFA 17’s inter-rust mechanics has been solved in FIFA 18. So now that you pass the pass, your pass can even produce effective results that will surprise you. In fact, you have to turn the football to the direction you pass, making the FIFA series seriously difficult game, FIFA 18 is reduced a bit. Now, even if you are not looking in the right direction, you can look at it with a slight delay and make a very effective intermediate pass, you can even confront the goalkeeper. This improvement of the intermediate passes is a negative result, of course, a situation where a lot of goals were scored and a little bit more realism than in the past. When the Ultimate Team was playing, in the old Fifa, if your opponent and your skills were close together, the scores would always end up realistically close to each other like 1-0, 2-1, 2-2. In FIFA 18, shua is at least able to see 6-7 goals in every game very well.Although this is a plus point for the fun of the game, I can say that it hit the realistic results of FIFA lightly.


Let’s begin by passing the game’s playing characteristics slowly by putting an edge into the novelties. As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, one of the greatest innovations in FIFA 18 is the improvements made in the match atmosphere of the game. Although FIFA series always seemed to be a realistic game on the green field, we did not encounter the same quality when audiences and other elements entered the business. In FIFA 18 this situation was eventually changed. Now there are spectators who react according to the positions that are formed in the match. In fact, if you run towards the spectators when you score goals, you can see that the spectators get up from their seats and stack up towards the player, just like they really are. Goal joys are now common with the audience, football hugging and enjoy the goal together. This innovation is the FIFA 18 ‘ I can say that it was one of the most beautiful innovations of. Now the match atmosphere is able to get you into it much more than your old one.

There was also another 360 degree camera in the atmosphere with another innovation that works at the atmosphere. When you throw a ball, the Repeater, which automatically shows the player’s 360 ° position before the ball hits the ball, seems to be an insignificant detail, but it is eye-catching as an effective way of avoiding pleasant pictures when playing the game. Details such as the fact that the confessions stay in place to complete the atmosphere are also one of the elements supporting the realism of the game.


The story-focused Journey mode, which entered my life with FIFA 17, was also developed in FIFA 18. Unlike what you can do in FIFA 17, you can change the physical appearance of Alex Hunter in FIFA 18 if it is slightly. Peculiarities, such as different hair and beard forms, characterize Journey mode’s negative consequences, partly due to its unique character-oriented structure. Journey mod’u also offers much more to do than the first game. Now with part-based short-term duties, Alex has much more to do in the second half of his career. Also the quality of the intermediate stages has been increased. You can experience the developing graphics in the best Journey mode.

Another innovation of Journey mode is that you can play with your friend on the same computer or console. A friend on the same platform is a team player and you can play the game as Alex Hunter, though it is not a huge innovation, it has been useful and nice. It can be pleasant to go on the story together.


One of the greatest innovations in FIFA 18 is the challenge of the game’s career mode. One of the most criticized aspects of the FIFA series is the uniformity of career mode. FIFA 18 seems to have been solved by having this single fix, at least, design your transfer screens so that you can make an interview like an RPG game. With FIFA 18, every contract and transfer interview now has a dialogue system where you can negotiate and speak with the opposing team.

In addition, after signing the player with FIFA 18, the signing ceremony takes place in three dimensions in a realistic way. In fact, I must state that these types of features are too late for FIFA. Such small details seem to be insignificant at first, but impressive features that keep the player in the game during the long play periods. However, EA is still far behind in this regard than the 2K NBA series.

Ultimate Team

FIFA series has undoubtedly been the most played mod and ultimate team of EA Sports’s pocket in recent years. One of the notable innovations I can see in FIFA 18 is Squad Battles named mode, with the addition of squad roster missions with FIFA 17. In this mode you are playing offline with the players you have set up by different players, score points according to your difficulty level and your achievement and you are entering the world rankings. You can win prizes at the end of each week, according to your rank. Another important innovation of the Ultimate Team is that Icons, which are exclusive to the Xbox platform in the past years, are now active on all platforms. So now PlayStation 4 and PC players can enjoy football with Zidane, Ronaldo Nazario, Maradona and Pele.

Charts and Sounds

The FIFA series that went through the transition to the Frostbite engine used in DICE’s Battlefield and Battlefront in the past year, has gone up a bit in graphical terms in FIFA 18. Although not as obvious as the past year, the production using a more impressive lighting technique offers an impressive atmosphere by reflecting even the sweat of the players’ faces on the screen. FIFA, who managed to complete the match atmosphere well by the sound side, did a successful job with different spectator reactions especially according to the league. The music is also impressive this year as it is every year.

If the last words will come, FIFA 18, like the DLC of FIFA 17, has a taste. Innovations are coming out very slowly every year. We expect a giant company like EA Sports to come up with bigger innovations in a year. But this is what FIFA 18 does not play badly. FIFA 18 is naturally the best FIFA we play and play until now.


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