Dragon Ball FighterZ Review

Think of all the epic scenes of Dragon Ball animated in one place. Dragon Ball FighterZ allows you to do all of these moments as you like. Despite the fact that there are many games to be loved , the Dragon Ball Fighter Z, which brings more sound than Xenoverse , was definitely the most remarkable fighting game of the year. We have also studied Dragon Ball FighterZ, which not only attracts fans of the season but also those who love all fighting games.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Let’s talk about the contents of the priority game. As the Xenoverse series plays, you will find a social space in Dragon Ball games. This place we call Social Hub is a place where players can interact with each other as in Destiny 2 and Call of Duty: WWII . We can navigate between mini-versions of characters in this game and different NPCs . These NPCs have modes such as store, arcade mode, training and online fighting. Here you can interact with other players, you can use the stickers given to you by the game.

There are a lot of social activities to attend. You can practice, participate in regular fights, make regular matches with other players and join my favorite arena. Arena is an area in the middle of the social space. Players entering here can create their own tournaments with the participation of the surrounding players, share their trumps with each other. In short, when you play Dragon Ball FighterZ , you will spend most of your time here.

Dragon Ball FighterZ story

Dragon Ball FighterZ also features story mode. This story, which takes place on an alternative timeline that Android is alive, presents the player with a successful storytelling while preparing the game for the game. The story presented in the episode goes through mapped maps. You can encounter different opponents with the Turn right given to us in the preliminarily offered piecemeal maps, or you can switch directly to the chapter end monster. After the completion of the mission map, we are moving on to another map after continuing the short cinematics. Let’s just say that Dragon BaLL FighterZ’s story to play the mode of any Dragon Ball you do not have to be playing or watching the game. Already this story mode of the game is a mode that forces you to learn characters in general. Immediately after you finish, you are ready for online fights.

The person you play in the story that the game has is yourself. Really yourself. We control the body of Story Goku . So we are the heroes. This approach to the game is really worthy of congratulations.You will have a lot of fun with the easter eggs that contain iconic scenes that animenine possesses and many iconic characters in a surprising story mode.

Dragon Ball fighterz ‘s Referring to refer to the chart Arc System Works ‘s, Dragon Ball ‘ of the artist who Akira ToriyamaWe can certainly say that he has caught the style of art. With its enormous animations, the environment and character details are so successful. The game, which has a warm atmosphere with a color palette it has, does not grind animations on this. The lights and effects that emerged during the fighting of the characters have also been quite successful. In addition, the special abilities of each character have brought out a beautiful experience thanks to the animated drawings that the game has. Although it looks like 2D, Dragon Ball FighterZ has become a great 3D fighting game. Do not worry if you think that the 3 vs 3 fights you see when you open and watch a video of the game are so complicated to you. Dragon Ball FighterZ is a very simple game. Even,

How does Dragon Ball FighterZ play?

The game, based on 3 vs 3 fights, has many characters from the series Dragon Ball l. However, these characters are a bit similar to each other. It will probably be the biggest criticism about my game. There is almost no difference in the gameplay between characters like Goku , Gohan andVegeta . The inclusion of super movements makes it possible for the most known characters of the Dragon Ball series to give each other a feeling of repose when playing.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is the online game that attracts the main players. Of course, the first week of the game the server has suffered server troubles, the examination will not affect the course.Because I do not think that Bandai Namco and Arc System Works will be so interested in the game. The servers that sold more than all Dragon Ball games in the first week unfortunately did not experience problems due to overloading. Now this problem has been fixed with updates. Unlike some fighting games, I can say that the company has done a good job by preparing region-based servers and dropping server ping on this site. You can confront your competence without your internet access.

As a result, the Dragon Ball FighterZ has become a rich, graphically great and entertaining fighting game with content. It is a game where the atmosphere that it has is a stones throwing stones to its opponents and it is definitely a game that all fighting game enthusiasts should give chance.


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