Switch sells faster than Wii

Switch Nintendo with Wii U ‘lives, leaving behind his disappointment in Nintendo , Switch With continues to smile about. According to recent reports, the Nintendo Switch in the German region is selling faster than Nintendo’s legendary console, the Wii . Of course, this is just a weekly report.But it’s a big success for Switch to leave behind the Wii, even for a week. The week after we leftLabo , the company managed to make millions of profits before the product went out. The first 5 months of production have suffered from production troubles and the new Nintendo, still has difficulty in raising the console to some parts of Japan.

Nintendo Switch left behind Wii

First, The Legend of the Zelda: Breath of the Wild and after Super Mario Odyssey made a successful entry to the list with the Nintendo team, we hope that this success will continue to pursue in 2018. Metroid Prime 4 and the new generation Pokemon game with more console sales aimed at, thanks to the powerful game series brands that may pass the success of the Wii perhaps.


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