Razer Panthera Arcade Stick Street Fighter V Edition – Review
Move your fighting game experience to Arcade.

If you are old enough, you have a chance to play with some arcade machine in the place of your life, at the worst possible place in the atari room . The keypad of the arcade machines, which allow them to experience the games in a more analogous way, has left their place to modern controllers.Of course we do not have any complaints in this regard. However, sometimes people can miss old times. To resolve this also longing Razor us Panthera Arcade Stick ‘i offers. Compatible forPlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 , this device can be easily connected to your console via a USBport and can be used as a controller.

Razer Panthera Arcade Stick Street Fighter V Edition Review

Razer Panthera Arcade Stick , making old arcade keypads modern for gamers, turns your console into an arcade machine. The Panthera Arcade Stick , specially tailored for fighting games, has been admirably adapted to the PlayStation. Of course, the Razer Panthera, which we will talk about, is not a standard version. Review our table located in these products Razer Arcade Stick Panthera ‘s Street Fighter V version. The product, which has a skirt on which Akuma and Ryuface, has a very stylish appearance on the drawing of master designer Long Vo . Razer ‘In specially prepared for playersPanthera has a joystick and keypad that can be changed .


The response time is great, there are 10 fast keys, and there is a joystick in eight directions . In this game, you can perform combo attacks in games without trouble. Ready on Street Fighter V theme has been found, Razer Arcade Stick Panthera Street Fighter V Edition ‘s Let’s talk about performance in the game. Using some special moves in the game was a bit more difficult than the controller. Of course this is not the product, but the arcade concept is a bit more difficult. So if you do not trust yourself, I recommend checking your opponent and your opponent. The product is similar to standard Razer keyboards when viewed from a distance .

Razer Panthera Arcade Stick Street Fighter V Edition Controls

There are eight keys on the front face. In addition to these keys, there are options and share keys on the right hand side of the cradle . In short, you can use it as a big controller if you are not playing a game. You can take Panthera , which is reasonable in size, in your lap and play it comfortably. Do not even think about where you will store the cables and spare keys your product has. Because,when you press the Razer logos on the bottom of Panthera , you can access the area under the top cover. Here you can store the cables that the product has. Also in this section is a short hint diagram for the keys.

As a result, if you want an arcade stick that you can always use at home, and you ‘re admiring theStreet Fighter series, I suggest you take the Razer Panthera Arcade Stick Street Fighter V Edition .


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