New images came from Final Fantasy VII Remake

New images came from the game we had been waiting for a long time.

Final Fantasy VII from Playstation’s unforgettable RPG games is perhaps one of the most exciting and memorable games ever. Square Enix, who realized this, has been working on a “remake” in the past years. For now, this remake, which will only take place on the PS4 platform, plans to refresh and revive old days. Let me guess, it is not clear when FFVII Remake will arrive, the production has already fit four CDs in the PS1, so it may take a long time to arrive.

New images emerged in Fuad
Square Enix quietly acting on FFVII Remake broke down his silence with a special exhibition in Tokyo. Square Enix created a fair-style event for the 30th anniversary of Final Fantasy. In the event, high resolution images of Final Fantasy remake were found. The images also include Jesse, Biggs and Wedge’s concept designs.
As we mentioned, it is not yet clear when Final Fantasy VII Remake will come out. Let’s also say that characters, music, backgrounds and lots of other elements will be made from scratch. But at the end we are confident that the game we will get is really good quality.


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