Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is coming!

Call of Duty has not been able to collect much of what it once had in the game industry CoD games, which have been around for many years after the end of the modern Warfare and Black Ops trilogies, are often disappointing. It seems that the solution to the problem of activision that wants to recapture the sales is to revive the old series, because Black Ops 4 first appeared.

Black Ops 4 will bring the war back to the modern world!

Let’s also say that there is nothing definite yet. It is Marcus Sellars himself who is so leaking because we believe so . More recently , the account that executed the leak of Dark Souls and Nintendo Labo is now with the new Call of Duty.

“The CoD 2018 will be the Black Ops 4 and will be out for PC / PS4 / Xbox / Switch platforms. Games will pass in time mode to handle this time and the present. “Said Sellars yet for this proof that also remind. Such a situation may not be a problem, however, since leakage calculations often have significant resources .


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