Black Squad

The free Black Squad has quite nice mechanics.
The Black Squad , which NS Studio went to the market in July of 2017 , has the potential to lock the player to the screen for a long time thanks to their game mechanics and content. Due to the base of the Unreal Engine 3 game engine, Black Squad works on almost every computer with 60 FPS standard , so it appeals to all PC gamers. As you already know in the video game world there are quite a lot of FPS production. However, this FPS since most of their productions have created their own masses of players, we can call them niche productions for themselves. However, from the moment you enter Black Squad, you are beginning to realize that the mechanics of the game are made up of the dynamics of the currently popular FPS games, that is, they appeal to every player.

You can download Black Squad free of charge via Steam and start playing.

The Black Squad, which is easy to learn mechanically but difficult to master , has quite a few high quality items compared to the Steam  free playable game. Striking dynamics are specially designed according to each silk. In other words, you get the feeling of a different shot in every weapon that goes into your hand. Thanks to its fast structure, Black Squad matches, which resembles the likesof the Call of Duty series, can be finished without getting tired. In this way, the playability of the game is consistently kept at the top level.

The game, which is at an adequate level in terms of content, continues to evolve with each passing day. Game modes the game offers five options to the players respect, Team Death Match (8 v 8) ,Demolition (8 v 8) , Demolition (5 v 5) , Assassination (8 v 8) and Destruction (16 v 16) the name of the field of play modes taking place. These game modes are still built on maps that are too numerous. If you are wondering which map is based on which game mode,

Team Death Match: Tallinn, VBSS, Outskirt, Storage, Blast Dock, Night Harbor Noon, Avignon, Revenge, Sky Scraper

Demolition: Brooklyn Dust Shield, Double Wing, Collection, Carrier, Castle, Paper Company, Two Faced Old Temple, Outpost, Run and Gun, Checkpoint, Wolf Spider, Assassination, Drop Zone, Lockdown, Eagle’s Nest,

Battle Match / Destroy: Ruined City, Bearcamp, Dual Load

The number of votes in the vote is even more than the paid FPS games

You have to select and play one of these modes and maps of the Black Squad with over 25 maps:Assault , Support , Command and Recon . As you can appreciate, all classes have their own talents. With the active abilities belonging to the classes, you can direct the course of the battlefield. You can improve your character in appearance, except for the game and the items to play. There is also a store where you can buy weapons or equipment after each match and also you can buy goods with real money. The developer team, which has a very wide range of weapons, has developed weapons according to the playing style of each player.

Depending on your style of play, however, you can create three different types of equipment for yourself. It is possible to select these equipment packages at the time of death or by pressing F1, F2, F3 . I can say that the best part of the game. Thanks to BattlEye support, there is no player cheating, but players are offered a more free space thanks to special servers.

When it comes to the end , it is possible to say that Black Squad ‘In is a good alternative to the FPSgames already in the video game market . For players who want to be in a more competitive environment in FPS games and want to have this free of charge, Black Squad. I can recommend it.Thanks to the time you spend on the game, you can seriously notice the development of your character. Using the in-game money prizes and the box of items after the game, you can reach similar items of goods sold with real money. So we can say that the game does not force the player to spend a certain amount of money. It is also free to join the ongoing battles between the clans. As we know, most free FPS games require you to pay for the game at the end of the day to set up the clan and fight the clan. But it was nice that the Black Squad did not let the players into such a necessity.


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