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Application from Tinder to LinkedIn: Ripple with you!

LinkedIn, known as sectoral Facebook, is getting bigger every day. With the increasing number of members, the platforma, which holds almost all the leaders of the business world, political figures, country presidents as members, competes with former Tinder employees.
Tinder has the widest network serving millions of people today as one of the most actively used appointment applications. Behind this success is undoubtedly the name of all old and new employees.

LinkedIn, a professional social network, is a structure that reaches millions and grows day by day. It turned into an atmosphere in which Profiles live with their resume, from the celebrated celebs of the business world, to the people who sweat in hundreds of different industries, and everyone has their business identity.

The Ripple application, launched by the company’s employees under the leadership of Tinder’s CTO, Ryan Ogle,

One of the biggest advantages that LinkedIn offers to its users is the listing of ads that fit their resumes. But Ogle says they are building a platform where employees can discuss business-related issues, considering that their platform is weak in this regard.

Basically, LinkedIn is starting to serve as a desktop platform, saying that the mobile world is slow to adapt to the world, and that the leader is better able to provide services. Linkedin was handed over to Microsoft in 2016 by one of the biggest acquisitions of the technology industry after its rapid rise. Microsoft paid a record price of $ 26.2 billion for this deal.

Ripple is not known if it can handle a Microsoft-sponsored event like LinkedIn, but it is exciting to compete even on the niche side.

Let’s see if Ogle and his team’s new wonder Ripple get into the habits of users as a social-business platform? We will see in time. You can click the links below to download the application.



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